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Simple BPM is the first modeling application for organizational processes developed by a Romanian company. It is already implemented, with some or all of its modules, with unlimited number of users, in organizations with more than 20.000 employees.

The management of the business structured in processes is a key factor for the organization performance. Simple BPM is a software instrument that implements this concept.
  • The access of all the employees to job descriptions and organization's procedures (with different access levels)
  • The application is web-based, the access is through a browser
  • Easy modification of the procedures and their reflection in the job profiles
Main functionalities:
  • Staff management
  • Elaboration of the Regulation of Organization and Functioning
  • Business process modeling
  • Creation of the job descriptions based on the documented procedures
  • Development of reports and a reporting system
As a result of a study by Computerweek (Germany) "What would you change next time if the management requires the implementation of a new ERP system?"
  • 80% More attention to the process optimization
  • 65% Impetuosity and systematics in the application of the company's objectives
  • 60% More attention to the correlation of concepts
  • 55% Simultaneous implementation of a MIS
  • 50% Recruiting the project managers from relevant departments
  • 45% Intensification of training
  • 35% Larger implication of the syndicates
  • 35% Application of changes with more energy and courage
  • 30% Emphasizing savings
  • 20% Avoid “big-bang” implementations
The procedures are compliant with OMFP 946/2005, ISO10013 and contain supplementary information about the efficiency-efficacy objectives per process. The principle of the procedures is as follows:
  • The activities are objects in the database
  • The resources (human or otherwise) associated to each activity are objects in the database
  • Between activities and resources there are relations (which are also objects in the database):
    - Human resources: coordinate, execute, contribute to, are informed about, are responsible for, are consulted about, etc. inside each activity
    – The instruments, the general resources, the documents are in-out or both, the relation is of type: “activity uses document”
Based on the documented procedures you can generate the Operational Manual, and the documented activities are undertaken in job descriptions.

The job descriptions are compliant with the labor laws, contain the possibility of classification according to the COR (Occupations Code of Romania) and are structured as such:
  • General information about the job
  • Professional requirements for the job
  • Work relations
  • Responsibilities of the job (established by reference to the activities from the procedures)
  • References and document management
The reporting system allows the creation of an unlimited number of reports, through a graphical interface. The reports may be simple or obtained by aggregation of information from other reports.

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